Artist Feature: Jared Gaines

When did you first get into art?
I got into art as a child, as many people do - but I recall taking notice of the art in children’s books. Growing up, I got into comic book art (more so than the stories) and I remember the art in video games - notably Megaman sparking my imagination. 

When did you start taking art seriously?
I drew sporadically as a teenager with free time but, It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I took the journey seriously and headed in the general direction of the underground artwork that was inspiring me all that time. 

What got you into making flash and music influenced art?
I was surrounded by it, getting tattoos and having friends working at a tattoo shop, but it wasn’t until I was 33 that I started making art in that style. Copying the classics was great practice, but I wanted a voice of my own. At one point I drew something for the Bad Religion song, ‘Incomplete’. I soon realized songs were fantastic inspiration for tattoos - even how the song titles or choruses were perfect for short phrase banners. It helped to be absorbing music and art a decade prior also. 

But it was also an appreciation for full albums that were thoughtfully composed. I came up in the cd era and noticing some albums had a fantastic sequence and you would never skip a track. Some had filler.

I also noticed almost all band related flash was 5 or 6 of the band’s best songs. So it was a culmination of loving full albums and not wanting to copy what was done before in the flash world - to see what I could contribute with my voice. 

Do you listen to the band for the art you're making?
Not always - some of the music I’ve heard a thousand times prior. If I haven’t heard the song I need to work on, I will listen for insights for the mood of the piece - whether it’s fast and aggressive or slow and beautiful ect - but the lyrics are most important for what I do. Also important to notice that some songs are known for their chorus and not their song title. 

What are some of your favorite bands?
Fugazi, Converge, The Mars Volta, Young Widows, Ink & Dagger, The Doors

And projects in the works you'd like to promote?
No, I’m just happy to be doing this - and sincerely thankful for everyone that connects with the art and supports what I do. 

Where can people find you on the interwebs?

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