Do tattoos hurt?

Short answer, yes.
Long answer... Everyone is different, and everyone handles pain differently. We are not built the same when it comes to pain. I've seen my little wife fall asleep while getting tattooed, and I've seen big badass looking dudes ready to start crying. 
People describe the feeling in different ways, such as:
  • A sunburn being scratched
  • A constant burning sensation 
  • An annoying Scratching feeling
  • Relaxing/calming (ink therapy)
Please refer to the male and female pain charts below, because certain areas of the body can be more sensitive than others. And again, everyone is different. My only truly painful tattoos were the tops of my feet. To others it's not a bad spot. But none of that truly matters if you really want the tattoo you're getting. You'll make it through the session.
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