How to be a good tattoo client

Don't be that client that gets talked about when you leave after your appointment. Below you will find some tips on being a good client.

  • Be on time! This shouldn't have to be said, but it does. Tattooing is a profession like any other. They work on schedules and may have another appointment after yours, so don't mess up their day.
  • Pricing. Professional artists charge what they charge based on a number of factors. Yes, tattoos are expensive, but a lot of costs are configured in your artists hourly, partial, or full day rates. You're also paying for your artists experience and skill. Most artists are up front about their rates, so if you can't afford them, save up some cash and wait until you can. Don't be that person that complains, argues, or negotiates pricing. Come prepared.
  • Micro managing. Give some space for your artist to have some creative freedom. Giving a general idea of what you're looking to get and letting the artist fill in the blanks typically ends in a better tattoo. Experienced artists know what will look good and how to make it fit well on your body. Side note: do your research and find an artist whose style matches what you're looking for.
  • Tipping. What I'm going to say is purely my opinion, so take it how you want. I am a tipper, as I believe you should be if you are happy with your tattoo and had a pleasant experience. There is no set standard, but this is, in fact, a service industry. If you're not able to tip, nobody will be mad at you, but it is nice to be able to show your artist how much you appreciate their work. Side note, certain countries have different customs when it comes to tipping. I've been tattooed in multiple countries, and certain ones will actually refuse tips, it's not a standard practice everywhere. If they don't accept tips, you could always bring a small gift, it will be greatly appreciated.
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